INDEX of the FIRST 100 Issues of Picture to Ponder
published between 12/09/04 and 5/12/05

Photo Description
Accidental Art -Orange Pod in tree -Abstract greens, blues, oranges, purples
African Iris in Warm Mineral Springs
Alligator face
Alligator Head in Water - "Abstract Painting"
Alligator mother with babies on back
Alstromeria - Burgundy
American Wood Duck
Banana Pod closeup
Bird of Paradise
Blue Heron
Blue Heron (Immature) - Reflection with Water droplets
Bo Tree Leaf - "Bird" in Selby Gardens
Building - Philly 16th & Walnut
Cactus top
Cargo container lifter
Ceiling Tile Stain
Chairs/Lake in Costa Rica
Clay embracing Shell on Laurence Harbor beach
Croton - back yard
Cypress Root
Cypress Swamp - Boardwalk in Loxahatchee Preserves
Daisy - Orange
Deer Chaser - Close-up of water flowing
Double Trumpet Flower - full
Double Trumpet Flower - full - another view
Double-Trumpet Flower Cropped
Downy Woodpecker in nest
Egret - Backlit wings
Epiphyte - Arlin's
Fireflag "Pondering"
Fireflag "Bird" Leaf
Fireflag Flowers
Gallinule-Christmas Colors
Giraffe head - Profile
Great blue Heron on nest-small baby
Great blue herons (6 photos) & Green Orchid
Green Cay Boardwalk reflections
Headlamp Reflections/Mini Cooper Car
Heart of Palm
Hibiscus - orange
Hibiscus - Red -Backyard Skyward view
Hibiscus - Red Orange
Hibiscus - Yellow
Hibiscus inside close-up
Hobo Image in tree stump
Ibis in water
Ikebana Roses
Lantana Flowers
Little Green Heron on spatterdock
Luminescent Red Tulips
Mixed tulips
Model A Roadster - Wheel Well
Moorhen in Spatterdock plants
Orange Hibiscus Bud - Creative DNA
Orchid - Lady slipper
Orchids Dancing
Palm tree - looking up at strawy part
Pelican Preening
Phaelanopsis - Magenta - "Lost in the crowd"
Phaelanopsis - Magenta - Zoomed in center
Phaelanopsis orchids - pink and yellow with pearly center
Pink and Green Leaves - "Mardi Gras" bush
Pink tulip bud
Pitcher plant
Pod flower close up - Wakodahatchee
Powder puff bonsai plant
Purple Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Red Bouganvelia - Skyward
Red leaves at Loxahatchee
Rhode Island Rooster
Root grass image
Roseate Spoonbill
Roses/Tulip from Tropical Flower & Garden Show 2005
Shrimp plant
Snow Photo - Black and White by Sam
Spatterdock "Angel" Leaf - Little Red Riding Hood
Spider Mums - Lavender - Close up
Spiked Tropical Flower #1
Stilts at Wako - Baby Steps
Sunrise - Kids on beach
Sunset at Wakodahatchee
Sunset (Wakodahtchee) cut by telephone wires
Teal - Blue-winged
Teal - Green-winged
The Turtle and the Coot
Tire on Laurence Harbor beach
Tree frog
Tri-Colored Heron & Fireflag - Artist/Model
Tropical Water Lily -Purple
Wakodahatchee Entrance with Sam
Waterfalls Close-up - Morikami Gardens
Whistling ducks

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