January 28, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 32

the base of a cypress tree. a full photo of which I do not have. You can get a sense of it by viewing Cypress2

Again, the colors and textures are what had me include this one, which also has many different images that can be conjured up while viewing it. I saw a frog on the right and Sam saw a woman on the left. My frog has since turned into a turtle since someone said that's what she saw. Another wrote, "Right off the bat I see in the lower right hand corner, a face in blue. Definitely an eyeball."

The photo also inspired two more expanded responses which I'm pleased to share with you:

"I instantly saw the upper torso of a naked, muscular man. Hmmmm!
His head is in the left part of the picture and it’s turned downward, looking left. His left arm is outstretched and visible to right below the elbow, which disappears into the frame. The right side of his body is covered by moss, but the left side of his body is clearly visible in tones of beige.
He could be Moss Man! An ancient creature that exists in the woodlands. He can easily be seen at dawn or dusk as the world moves into and out of light. It is at the edge between these worlds that you can hear his whispers and know his heart.
" Adela M. Rubio, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, www.adelarubio.com

and, Maria Doherty, from Scotland, Life Coach, NLP and Reiki Practioner, www.chrysalistransformations.com wrote, "Wow, this is awesome. I could write a whole world about this one. It reminds me of the old oak trees in our playing field at school when I was little. I used to watch them for ages, weaving fairy tales from their gnarled bark, the peculiar swellings and the bare circular patches we called "fairy doors". Absolute magic."

Both Adela and Maria are part of a team of facilitators in Julie Jordan Scott's 42 Days of Writing Passionately, a free program which is still open to new participants.

brings with it our wishes for an inspiring weekend on whatever paths you choose to take.


© 2005 Sheila Finkelstein

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