January 27, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 31

Loxahatchee cyprus tree root

a segment of the top side of one of the two fancy umbrellas, with which a couple of Mummers, and Philadelphians, strutted during the show on Sunday (as mentioned in Issue 30).

When I saw these umbrellas, I was immediately drawn to the colors and textures and the, oh-so-detailed, workmanship. I'm thinking that there is also something in the Mandala-like aspect of them that gets my attention.

The umbrellas seemed to be a "look, don't touch" experience and I'm realizing, as I write, my way of "touching" is to use the camera lens. Hmm...the insights that become available when we write!

So that you too may experience some more of the richness of the colors and textures, I've posted yesterday's and three additional photos on Mummers' Umbrellas.

on viewing one thing, or one situation, from two or more different perspectives, along with my comments on the harlequin brought a very interesting query from subscriber Mary Gray.

She wrote, "The fact that you can only see the harlequin now brings up an interesting question. How, or maybe why, do some images get fixed in our mind's eye while others remain more fluid?"

Thank you, Mary, for that question. I don't have the answer and I'm reminded of the times when we buy a new car and suddenly we start seeing that car everywhere, even though we may not have noticed it much before our purchase. Anyone else have thoughts on Mary's question that you'd like to share?

from a walk in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.

Photograph the signs - On my walk in Loxahatchee, as I was busily taking pictures, I had the thought that I should be making notes on information I might ultimately want to pass on regarding what I was seeing. AND, then I had one of those special AHAs, resulting in my photographing all the signs. How simple and no scraps of paper to be looking for later on!

I have had some inquiries on the possibility of purchasing prints of some of the PICTURE TO PONDER photos. In addition to the prints I do on my own printer, I decided to see what two of the most popular images would look like on some of the products available in my NATURE ART/CAFE SHOPS.

Thus I have happily opened up a new section for PICTURE TO PONDER merchandise. Please e-mail me if there are any other images or products you would like to see here or if you have any questions regarding them.

Appreciatively and Inspirationally,

© 2005 Sheila Finkelstein

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