January 26, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 30

a different view of Issue 28's double-trumpet flower.

In some instances of past issues I've simply been providing a link to an expanded photo of the previous day's image. Yesterday's was so dramatic and different from the previous one, I felt it deserved it's own space.

In yesterday's, I immediately saw a harlequin when viewing it on the monitor. Note the nostril in the lower right of the deep purple section (to see, click on "yesterday's" or "harlequin"), just to the left of the mustache. I'm actually not sure if I saw this imagery before or after our afternoon watching the Broward County Mummers at The Philadelphia Social Club luncheon here in Florida. After seeing the harlequin, it's the only thing I see when viewing this picture.

In the past two issues, we've now seen two entirely different views of the same, or similar, flower. Why not take a moment or two today to notice where you can see one thing from two or more different perspectives. You may choose a situation rather than a visual image.

Do you see any specific internal or external circumstances that are creating these views? Is there anything that you might now do differently after seeing this?

If you took on reflecting on the above and noticed anything special, I would love to get feedback from you. Observations and exercises like these will be part of the developing eTeletours teleclass program, where there will be the added opportunity of expansion as one interacts with other participants.

A clue is above.


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