April 28 - 29, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 93

a banana pod on a Blood Banana tree in the American Orchid Society Gardens.

Insofar as imagery, Sam said he immediately saw a prize fighter wearing his robe. Once he stated this I saw it it also, though Sam sees the back of the head and I see the hooded, almost disguised face.

I share this photo today, mainly because of my fascination with the banana trees and pods. In setting up today's issue, I went back to studying the banana pod photo/drawing I did when I started taking pictures of them with my point and shoot camera. The photo/drawing of the pod and bananas was photographed about a year later. These enhanced photos have so much more depth, I'm not even sure now how I feel about the aesthetics of the unenhanced photo above.

I've been observing this particular blood banana tree for the past 2 plus years, as well as the Ice Cream Banana tree, in the AOS gardens since we first visited there, after moving to Florida. The bananas ultimately grow out of and upward from the white "fringes" and the pod descends further and further down to the ground. If you look closely at the top of today's photo you will see the "corkscrew" stem from which it descends.

May you have a playful weekend, paying attention to the things that fascinate you. How many of them have been around for a while? How have they changed? How have you changed regarding them?

And, I'd be thrilled if you take some time to "play" in naturesplayground.com my first site, where people still tell me that they often visit when they need an energizing, relaxing break during their day.

I'm moved to say that the response to this photo was greater than usual and so positive that it made selecting a photo for today more difficult for me. It became almost a challenge to compete with myself, at the same time attempting to give you what I think you most enjoy. How many times have you experienced the same thing. I finally let it go!

Some of the comments:

"What a marvelous shot! If I did not know for a fact that you are using a camera, I’d swear that shots like this had to come from one frame of a video camera. There is so much “action” in this “still” picture that I hear the droplets of water hitting the surface, see the ringlets of water expanding over the pond, and feel apparent disappointment of the bird at not spearing a fish." Bob Tatem

"I love today's picture. Therr's something about warer that is soothing, and the bird eating is so cute."
Mary Lake

"Gosh, that dripping from the bird's beak seems real! I can almost hear it and see it."
Debra Schanilec

"Oh, wow. Talk about different point of view. It's amazing to me how the bird is revealed primarily in its reflection. Almost like a mystery unfolding. I looked at the full photo, and it has a totally different feel. Nice, but much more conventional. The water rippling out is the central image here, and it, too, reminds me of mystery, the mystery of consequences and how we may never know all the effects our actions have."
Mary Gray

"I really, really love this one!!" Marva Harvey

"WOW, what an amazing image!" Gretchen Little

"I just loved this picture – so much more powerful than a head-on pic. Made me think of how so much more can sometimes be witnessed when we look at the reflection of something, instead of head on. What nuances are present, what is now available that I couldn’t SEE before?" Adela Rubio

Thank you all for taking the time to share with us.

In a phone conversation recently, a mother told me her 2 1/2 year old son is enjoying PTP photos, with many resulting in a "wow!" statement. How thrilling for me. Who in your life might also say "wow" to what we are offering?

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