December 9, 2004
Volume 1 - Number 1

Welcome to Issue #1 of PICTURE TO PONDER, an almost-daily photo e-zine.

Several years ago someone I admire saw several groupings of photos that I had recently taken. She was quite moved and stated, "Sheila, the world needs to see your relationship to art and nature."

After several minutes of further viewing, she said, "I don't know where this is coming from, but something is telling me to tell you, 'Don't talk!'"

And I, who always had a lot to say, understood. For me, to "talk" puts something between you and the picture, possibly altering your response, certainly depriving you of the opportunity of discovering your own pure, initial response.

It is my desire to inspire you to discover and expand your own greatness of seeing, imagining and/or creating.

Each mailing will simply contain a photo - a Picture to Ponder - no words from me about the photo. There may be days when I write about the previous one or share some words from others about it.

UPDATED - 3/9/05 Based on subscriber requests my own commentary on the photo is on the same day, with subscriber comments on the following. See Issue 56 for elaboration.

Know that there will be something in every photo used that caught my eye and had me "capture" it. It may have been in the color, the patterns, the texture, the mood. Sometimes a hidden image surfaces for me, at the time the photo is taken. Very often it becomes noticeable only after it's printed or on the screen.

I invite you to explore each photo for the meaning it might or might not have for you. Some suggested tools for *being* with the photos and furthering other activities, if you desire, can be found in my article, ACCIDENTAL ART.

If you find the photos inspirational, please pass an *issue* on and invite your friends to subscribe.

© 2004 Sheila Finkelstein
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