May 2, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 94

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a Deer Chaser (Shishi Odoshi) in the Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, FL

I love, love, love this photo. It lights me up with a smile and totally energizes me. Part of it I think are the contrasts and the shadows on the bamboo and, of course, the water is healing.

One of the things that caught my eye and had me start taking this and other photos of this scene was your response to the water droplets from the immature blue heron's beak in Issue 90 of Picture to Ponder.

Water is said to be vital in Japanese gardens, with the deer chaser (Shishi Odoshi) fountain being a feature in many. Water pours from the top bamboo pole into the lower one which, when full, drops down, emptying, and making a sound when it hits the rock below.

So that you can see the full effect, I've created a Deer Chaser web page, with photos of a couple of different stages of the filling and emptying. In addition to the information linked in the last paragraph, I also found several other sources of bamboo and deer chaser Japapese fountains through google.

For pictures of Morikami Waterfalls, see Issue 95.

"Way cool. I love this photo Sheila. There is something almost ugly about the top of this Banana pod, and that is what makes the entire thing so stunning. It is always easy to love your flower photos; this photo makes you slow down and really look at what is before you. I like beauty like this that you have to delve into. Maybe you guys saw a prize fighter because that is another rough beauty that is not for everyone." Rebecca Collins,

Most interesting, Becca; though I'm not so sure I see beauty in a prize fighter. I think I probably more saw the society lady that Mary saw, or perhaps it was the Phantom of Opera with fur.

"At first I saw a military man with (large) epaulets, but then "he" morphed into a society lady with a fur capelet and a hood. Going out to the theatre, perhaps.

Well, so much for my idea of bunches of bananas. They actually grow upside down to what I was thinking, and I had no idea about the pod. What a strange tree."
Mary Gray

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