March 15, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 64

How many birds do you see?

I'm sure you see only the one Tri-colored heron, plus it's refection, and a dried fireflag plant. As we were leaving Wakodahatchee Wetlands this morning, this image caught my eye. It was as if two birds were talking to each other.

Given the fireflag can't talk, it would be more like the bird "talking at" the plant. How often do you find yourself "talking at" someone, rather "than to" and "with?" Is it us, the speakers, or the listeners? Although I "blame" the other for not "hearing" me, I recognize that I do have to take responsibility for the lack of reception.

How about you? Why not spend some time today noticing your speaking? "At?" "to?" or "with?" another person. If it's "at" or "to", how can you make the shift to "with", if that's what you choose?

It was quiet on responses yesterday. Dellie Rosen wrote that in the main image she saw buttocks, which I had also, and/or a pear. Reading "pear " clarified my own texture response. I got the feeling of a peach in the coloration and texture.

Her response to the other 4 images on the PITCHER PAGE on the eteletours site:
My interpretations of the other four ponders:
#1 - Beautiful!!!; #2 - Definitely a rabbit on the left - the flower on the right looks just like a certain kind of delicious chocolate that is a combination of white and milk. When I saw it, I ran for my Cadbury bar.: #3 - A couple under the hoopah (the 4-pole canopy that's erected under which Jewish couples get married); and #5 - a bicycle helmet

Thanks, Dellie, for sharing this with us.

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