February 24, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 51

Florida mockingbird, the State Bird of Florida.

After the fact, the sharing of this bird's photo has become quite interesting. When I placed it here yesterday, I was using the mockingbird to simply ask "How are YOU doing?"

I had accepted it the day my visiting cousin first spotted it as welcoming us to Wakodahatchee Wetlands. An e-mail from a subscriber stating "she doesn't seem to appreciate having her picture taken" had me relook and then see somewhat of a "keep-away-from-me posture."

I took another look and then began to see all kinds of other stories I could be making up. "He/she was alerting us to be looking for different things." First seen were Whistling Ducks. (Watch for them tomorrow.) Then there were family memories to be aware of that we preserved in photos.

Finally, if I wanted to view the bird's look as a warning unheeded, half-way around the boardwalk Sam fell (a sudden attack of extreme low blood pressure) and was taken to the hospital for two days for observation. All is well and he's been back home for several days.

The point to relating this personal story here is to exemplify how many times we take one image or situation and create many other things from it. In hindsight we often also may do guilt trips and "what ifs" and "if onlies" on ourselves, creating a huge energy drain.

How much more empowering it is to be with what is in the moment. If the stories come up, we have the power to simply play with them, transform them into new stories with positive, enlivening charges.

Can you relate this to any "stories" in your own life? Are there any still draining you? How can you flip them? Perhaps you can look around you and find an image that you can call on to do it for you. Have fun with it.

After I had many of the above thoughts, I received the final e-mail respone to Issue 50. "What strikes me about this bird is the oh-so-serious expression. Looks like s/he is in the middle of a conversation and listening intently to the other participant." My intention is that you've now had that same experience.

was one used in our Teleclass on Monday night. Some rich conversations were generated from it, so I thought I'd include it here. It is also Photo #4 on eteletours.com.

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