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Friends of PICTURE TO PONDER who are ongoingly doing teleclasses or ecourses include:

Julie Jordan Scott leads amazing courses. She is a keen listener, great for giving empowering feedback, a true community and relationship builder. Courses in which I have participated include How to Teach Teleclasses and Teleseminars that Change Lives, Marketing the Passionate Way, Article Writing for Magnetic Attraction, Millionaires One-by-One, the 42 Day programs and more. I encourage you to check out Julie's 5Passions site

Adela Rubio - a fun, insightful Energy coach, leads classes around emotions, including the Transfomrative Power of Anger. See

Marney Makridakis - one of the most creative people whom I've encountered. Marney's Artella Words and Art site is most appealing to creative people (and those who think they're not and want to be). I've done several one session courses with her and participated in the very powerful and empowering YOU*University course, out of which evolved.


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