February 25, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 52

whistling ducks in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

the exposed root of a tree, in a strip of grass. It had been flattened over the years by lawn mowers.

As I stated, this image generated quite an active conversation in our eTeletours trial class phone call this past Monday.

Morgine Jurdan, who was one of the participants recalls, "Feminine energy, woman and a child next to her; many, many faces all around, a mermaid, a sea horse. a woman bending over and down (on the top outside edges). I can even see a cat on the right hand side, with a long tail and perhaps kittens suckling her."

and Mary Gray, whose memories of the call I also questioned, wrote: "I think there was a specific mention of Maiden/Mother/Crone. I thought it was kind of cool that one of the images seen was a mermaid. (I think that's the curving white I see as an acrobat.) There was also a mention of the root--although I don't think we knew it was a root yet--looking like a shell opening on these treasures."

Other descriptions included "Goddess", "nurturer", "wise one." I stated that I had often thought of this as a Madonna. The conversation was so rich, I hated to tell people it was simply a root.

Hmm. As I write, I'm thinking, "How can I say 'simply'?" A root does provide it all - most of the nutrients of life and the foundations on which plants, and we, stand.

What, and where, are the roots in your life? Have you exposed them to yourself in recent times? Honored them? For me, I think it's worth spending sometime "pondering" today and writing about.

Noelle Randall wrote: "What amazes me about your e-zine, is that ... [it] illustrates the power and potential of taking something simple and putting the essence of who your are behind it, thus creating an ongoing commentary on how extraordinary everyday life is." Thank you, Noelle for bringing this to our attention and reminding us of it.

This weekend take some time to look around. Notice the extraordinary in your own everyday life. And, HAVE FUN!

as promised in yesterday's P2P.

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Inspirationally, with fun,

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