December 24, 2004
Volume 1 - Number 7

purple gallinale reflected in Wakodahatchee Wetlands
see Issue 8 for further description
The colors and lights of the holiday season come to you, in a Nature painting, with our wishes for a beautiful holiday weekend. A very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it. Appreciatively, with love, Sheila and Sam Finkelstein (Sam, my husband, helps me in selecting the photos that I put up here.)

was a Tropical Water Lily, in a pond at the American Orchid Society. The very dark background (water) was another of my "happy" accidents. In researching what the flower might be, I came across Tropical Pond and Garden. If you're interested in seeing a huge variety of flowers, you might want to visit.

When I went searching in my files, for the "right" picture to spark your day, this one jumped out at me, saying, "Choose me! Choose me! I'll light up each viewers' day!" And, so she did, so well that, with permission, I am sharing from some emails that I received.

"This one, No. 6 is great again. It reminds me of Stonehenge. Love and Light in the sacred middle, people standing around this divine light, holding their arms up in a gesture of worship, joy and receptiveness. This scene amidst those outer petals that provide a safe space. Oooooh this glow of golden light in the middle!"
Marion Froese - Germany - This is fun. Marion set up one page in English for us and you can get to visit her German site at the same time.

"The energy of this photo reminds me of the Artella retreat. It makes me think of a group of women gathered around a fire, telling stories, moving more closely inward to one another as they share."
Marney Makridakis -

"I LOVE contrast and the dark background with the vibrant colors and then the purple with the yellow. I also love those two colors together too. I Love pictures that POP out at you and call your attention to right here, right now in JOY."
KJoy -

Be with your response.

A reply with your experience with the photos is always more than welcome. I've been quite moved by some of the reponses I've received. Thank you.

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