March 28, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 72

Backlit tulips with luminescent quality, resulting from the light coming through a very large window coming from across the patio behind them.

The fact that you don't see any of that background is the "story" that results in my learning for the day. I shot many photos of both these red tulips and another pot of assorted colors. Most of the views have distracting things in the background.

When I noticed the unwanted objects, I shrugged, thinking, "I can always 'fix' it, with one of my photo programs." What I was not thinking about in that moment was the time that it would take to do it. I spent over an hour on this particular photo, working on several options, 'fixing' the background, keeping the flowers exactly as they were. Multiply this by at 4 or 5 other pictures that I particularly like, that is a lot of time.

Basically, I was shortcutting for the immediate satisfaction. Where in your life have you taken the "easy" way? Has there been a cost?

My cost here has been time, time needed for other things, including playing with my grandsons, who are visiting.

On the other hand, I did slightly expand my knowledge on capabilities of my software programs. So, if you are left with the negatives of the cost of lost time, what can you take away from it that will serve you in the future?

Visiting family from Macon, Ga, may mean not-quite, everyday on PICTURE TO PONDER mailings this week. It will probably also result in exciting new photos as we do some touring in the Everglades, 8 1/2 year old Will's desire to see this week, and Lion Country Safari, grandmom's travel wish for the week.


"Sun with wires work. Gorgeous."

"I agree that, in this instance, the telephone wires add to the photo rather than detracting from it. They make it feel like an abstract painting (maybe Mondrianesque)."

"Wow! My kind of photo. I love getting a shot at just the right moment. I've watched setting suns (as well as sitting sons) and I know how quickly the scene changes. Thanks for this one."

"Beautiful picture today, Sheila!! Loved it. "

As always I appreciate your responses, those who regularly respond and those who chime in for the first time. It does make a difference on this end.


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