January 5, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 15

yellow orange hibiscus

(ISSUE #14) -
front view of an alligator.

When I first started photographing this alligator, I was fascinated because I had never seen a head-on view of one. He looks somewhat passive and, also, "all knowing." Perhaps he's thinking, " I know something that you don't know." The whimsical green on the snout is duckweed from the water out of which he came to rest here, a common pasttime of most of the alligators I see at Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

It's interesting for me to observe my own reaction, getting caught up in the "crowd mentality" of everyone being excited if one or more alligators are found during a walk on the elevated boardwalk there. When I see one I immediately want to share it with others. AND, I don't even particularly care for alligators!

I had mixed emotions on even using this picture here. Whereas I thought it might be gruesome, a few friends found it appealing. So here it was.

is not from Wakodahatchee :)


Tommorow, January 6, starts my friend Julie Jordan Scott's FREE 42 of Passionate Writing. This program is constructed so that each participant can play at his or her own pace--on the web, on the phone on a short daily call, or and/or by simply listening at any time of day or night. I'm excited. There are some wonderful web friends around the world who will be participating. See WRITING for more info.

and, as of last night, there were 3 spots left in the YOU*U University class starting on Monday, January 10. This is a 4 month rich and diversified program, for anyone interested in generating eCourses, eBooks and other programs using the Web. It was in this amazing course, created and facilitated by my now-friend, Marney Makridakis, that eteletours.com was born, expanding my already existing naturesplayground.com business. See ARTELLA for more info. This is also a great site on which to play, offering games, shops and other creative ideas and activities.

Lastly, and again, if you are enjoying our almost-daily mailings, please pass the word on, so that others may have similar opportunities. See http://home.ezezine.com/74_3/ for PICTURE TO PONDER archives and a subscription link.

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