January 6, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 16

paphiopedilum -lady slipper - AOS gardens

(ISSUE #15) -
a hibiscus from my side yard.

The color, the liveliness and abundance of the flower is what I responded to here. I love the way the petals seem to be dancing. I was undecided whether to put up this one up or another . I preferred the latter, with what I thought had more dancing in the petals and Sam voted for this one. See Playful Hibiscus 1 and Playful Hibiscus 2, if you wish to compare. (Note - As I checked the links to make certain they were working, I found myself still moved by Hibiscus2. There is an added delicacy and grace that I love.)

On the other hand, based on some of today's subscriber feedback, I'm so glad I settled on Sam's choice! I love the word pictures that were sent to me and thought many of you would appreciate them also. Portions of these responses included:

"What a beautiful burst of color! Especially for me, sitting at my computer and looking out a window that is bleak except for a few evergreens." Dena Lake

"...Today's is gorgeous, the contrast of colors, and the amazing flower looks like it's in flight, almost like a whirling, flowing angel. " Laurie Kristensen

""This photo made me think of a bridal gown, with gossamer layers flowing on top of one another...and, I think, I'm conjuring up images of me as a bride...unafraid to be un-traditional and wear colors instead of white, with a handsome prince who wouldn't want me in anything but gold and bright colors, anyway."  Marney Makridakis

And one that was/is an added bonus came from my very special Aunt Mary:
"This picture is awesome. How in the world did you learn ro produce such beauty?"

Thank you all who are allowing me to come into your lives and thank you to those who have been sharing the difference PTP is making for you.

from an outing yesterday at another of my favorite places.

Yesterday I recommended two courses and gave the dates as being in June. I don't know whether I was in June 2004 or June 2005, but the courses 42 of Passionate Writing and YOU*U University are both starting in January.

Again, if you are enjoying our almost-daily mailings, please pass the word on, so that others may have similar opportunities. See http://home.ezezine.com/74_3/ for PICTURE TO PONDER archives and a subscription link.

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