March 3, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 56

Responding to readers' requests, starting today, we will be writing about today's photo in the same issue. We will continue to provide readers' comments in the following issue. See today's COMMENTS section, below, for further explanation.

Take a moment or two to be with it. What do YOU see? Feel? Breathe it in. Is there a message you can take from it to empower the rest of your day?

Still from the Tropical Flower and Garden Show, this is the inside of a cut hibiscus. I love the feeling of it, the peacefulness, flow of the lines and the colors - stark, yet soft.

A tidbit I learned from the show is that one can cut an hibiscus flower, pin it on a long prong, without water, and it will live for a day or two, simply as is.

(ISSUE #55 )-
roses and tulips, a section of one of the prize winning, for the use of color, floral arrangements in the annual Palm Beach Tropical Flower and Garden Show.

This was one of those pictures that simply popped out, as I started searching for THE one to use yesterday. I was once again struck by it's beauty and, ironically, the close up was of orange roses and a tulip, the same flowers I focussed on yesterday and the day before, in relation to the Sogetsu Ikebana demonstration. How perfect!

When I look at this picture I get the feeling I'm looking at a painting, rather than a photograph. Although the purple tulip is bold and demands attention, it is open and inviting and leads us around the beautiful roses and greenery.

As I'm writing I'm remembering that at one time "painting" to me was a "truer" art form than "photography." As I've gotten to use my cameras over the past several years, I've really become attuned the many levels of creative expression that the camera does provide.

Where in your life do you creatively express yourself? It can be something as "simple" as in conversational communication, in how you see things, and/or in how you solve problems. Many write, dance, paint, collage. As you go through the day, notice where there are little things you do that are forms of creative self-expression. Honor them and acknowledge yourself.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Bob Tatem:

"Sheila, I’d like to offer a thought for you to ponder.

Your beautiful photographs fill my entire screen when I open your PTP email message. And I do sit back and take in its beauty, consider for myself what the image means to me, attempt to identify what it is, where it might have been taken, look at it from various viewpoints (architecture, the color palette, hidden images, mathematical perspectives), etc. Normally I may look at the picture for 2-3 minutes. Now for my suggestion:

Rather than read a description of yesterday’s picture, I would rather be told about today’s. In that way I get an even greater appreciation for what I have been looking at. A third commentary section can then relate wh
at your viewers thought about the previous day’s picture."

Dellie Rosen, and a few others, have been suggesting I do this for some time. So, I am paying attention. My concern has been that I don't my words to come between you and the photo before you have a chance to experience it. See PICTURE TO PONDER, Issue 1, for a more in-depth explanation.

Thank you all for your input. I am trusting that those of you who have large monitors will continue to focus on the photo for a moment or two before scrolling down to see what it is.

Additional feeback is, of course, welcome.

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