April 8, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 80

turtle and coot in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The Turtle and The Coot, in Wakodahatchee, quite different from "The Tortoise and the Hare."

I was thinking it might be time for a flower photo again, this week's issues of Picture to Ponder having included photos of animals, birds and, what I'll term, the abstractions in Nature.

In my desire to please, I attempt to use photos that I think you want to see. Unless I ask and you respond, how do I know what it is you want? I sometimes think it's flowers because it's those photos which seem to generate the most email responses.

As I was "pondering" this, I received an email response to yesteray's photo from our friend Mary Gray. I decided to ask her input in advance and sent her a few photos. Her response was enthusiastic for them all. "The alstromeria is gorgeous... and... However, I'd suggest the turtle and the coot. It's just so companionable. A warm, fuzzy feeling to take into the weekend."

So, I give you Mary's pick and invite you to notice this weekend what you do to please people, assuming that this is something you also do, consciously or unconsciously. AND, if you ask people's opinion, or advice, do you honor it?

I almost went on to choose an altogether different photo from the ones I sent to Mary and then concluded, "If I'm going to ask, then pay attention to the answer."

May this weekend bring you whatever it is that you desire.

Mary Gray's response, as mentioned above:

"I saw the images you mentioned except I never quite pinned down Little Red Riding Hood. I also saw a long-necked bird with a fish, but the main thing I saw when I first looked at the photo this morning was a gaping mouth (with that "big fish" being sucked into it.) Coming back to it now, though, it's more like a thumb and forefinger forming a circle." Also,

"Missed commenting on yesterday's heron, but Bob Tatem and I must have done research on some of the same sites. <g> I, too, read about this heron "fishing" by using bait (usually insects but even bread or bits of trash). Also, the little green heron, like many birds, goes by other names. Perhaps the most appropriate, given your question about its color, is the green-backed heron, but my favorite is the swamp squaggin."

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