July 30, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 27

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Morikami Tiled roof in the Contemplation Garden

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photo
Wavy Tiles on a Wall in the Contemplation Pavilion at the Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, FL

I was recently reviewing the journal in which I wrote during my twelve targeted visits to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens during the time I was participating in a pilot program of a Healing Gardens Walk. The photo above exudes such a sense of peacefulness, with the strong horizontal flow of the tiles and the gentle shadows, that I'm leaving it as a stand alone photo for this issue. I invite you to take a moment or two and simply "be" with the photo.

You can see more of the wall and a large rock in front of it, plus the tiny pebbles on the ground, in the Contemplation Garden by clicking on CONTEMPLATION or by viewing this whole issue on the new BLOG, where I'll include both photos.

Self-Reflecting Queries
In addition to experiencing the peacefulness in this photo, in rereading my journal I was interested to find an "aha" insight I had that explains some of my current involvement with photography. Photography, for me, provides INSTANT GRATIFICATION, something I love.

In the journal, two and half months after the passing of my beloved husband Sam, I wrote: "I need to practice really resting, quiet meditation."
Then I did a quick squiggly line, a "drawing" of the tiles, followed by,

"The shingles are restful; my drawing impatient. Camera satisfies impatience."

Where in your life are you showing, or feeling, impatience? Do you have a practice for settling down, easing up, altering your state? And, if you do, do you remember to put it in place? It may be something as simple as taking some long, deep breaths.

Be sure to
have fun and play with this.

Added Notes on Drawing
In reflecting on my comment in the journal on drawing, I went back to my college and teaching days and remembered how much I enjoyed drawing, how important I thought it was. When I taught Art in the elementary school, I would often have children, as young as those in first grade, posing for each other as they drew what we saw.

What is particularly interesting about all of this for me now is, that in addition to my journal observation, within the past week I came across the work of Deborah Putnoi, a participant in an online course in which I am enrolled. In checking out her web site - deborahputnoi.com - I was moved by her artist statement and then even more by some by various thoughts she puts forth in the five small pages of her JOURNAL on the site:

"DRAWING - It is a small but powerful act. One that everyone can do. Drawing. It is a pencil, ballpoint pen, charcoal on paper. It is a mark in the sand, chalk on the sidewalk. Drawing, is a visual language. Making marks on a surface is a truly democratic activity, something that everyone regardless of age, culture, socio-economic status can take part in." See JOURNAL for the rest of this statement and be sure to read the other four pages.

Additionally, on the more "practical" side, Deborah has a blog where she discusses "Doodles", her drawing journal and the Drawing Labs she holds in Massachusetts. She states:

"I want to bring my passion for drawing to everyone. There are times like now when I am in my studio when there is a small voice inside me that is begging to paint but there is that need in me to create these DRAWING LABS so that others can experience their own ability to make a line on the page. To give people back their sense of their creative selves." See the DRAWING MIND BLOG for more.

What occurred to me after reading the above is that bringing you back to the sense of your creative self is part of my underlying mission with Picture to Ponder.

For now my, creative self is being most fully expressed in photography and writing. How about your creative self?

Keep in mind, as you answer this question, the creative expression does not necessarily have to be in the arts. It could be the way you are being in whatever life role(s) you are following, those where you are self-expressed and fulfilled.

Again, have fun with these queries and PLAY!

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