July 22, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 26

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clamshell orchid - Prosthechea cochleata

cockleshell or clamshell orchid close-up - Prosthechea cochleata

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photo
Prosthechea Cochleata, popularly known as Clamshell, or Cockleshell, Orchids, photographed in the American Orchid Center's Greenhouse in Delray Beach.

It's only recently that I noticed this particular species of orchids and periodically have thought to share them with you. They are so light and joyous, "footloose and fancy free", that they seemed to be the perfect follow-up to the, seemingly dancing, Purple Gallinule featured in the last issue of Picture to Ponder.

Given, I had thought to photograph the signage identifying the flowers, it was easy to do a web search to learn more about them. Subscriber Susan Taylor, who is the Editor for Bella Online's weekly Orchid Newsletter featured an interesting descriptive article on them. I highly recommend Susan's articles for orchid lovers who wish to learn more about the plants' care and maintenance, as well as information on specific species. Click on CLAMSHELL ARTICLE for information on today's featured flower.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Joyous, light and playful, attributes that these flowers visually represent. It's also the state from which I aspire to live my life. Interestingly the experience of finding them in my files, to share today, was far from that state.

Ironically, I am in the middle of a four-week course on Organizing for Artists led by Alyson Stanfield, so I expect part of the challenging experience today was to point out to me that one step in my organizing process would be to put aside, in computer folders, any photos that I think I might want to feature in Picture to Ponder or on my new Photography and Transformation Blog.

How simple it would be/will become to take the extra minute or two to categorize something when I think of it and am in the middle of it, rather than go for the extended, painful searches later! Taking simple actions when we are in the process of a search can actually result in that light and joyous state cited in the begining. It's also reflective of the theme to which I often refer, "being in the moment."

Are there places in your life where you are noticing things that are important to you, where you'd like to take action, and you've putting it/them aside for "later?" If so, I invite you to become aware of them and consider taking the actions in the moment.

I must put forth one cautionary note, from my own experience. Before moving on the little actions, you might want to check in with yourself, "Will what I am about to do forward what's important to me right now, or in the immediate future? Am I/will I be staying on purpose?" And then, bottom line, do you wish to stay on track, or it's not important to you. Either way is neither right nor wrong.

I find that when I've paid attention, I've become aware that many of my actions are actually reactions to what comes across my desk, or my mind. I'd make an instant shift in what I was doing to follow through on that. For me, I am looking more keenly at focus and what that means for me.

What about you?

In conclusion, to get back to the lighter note, I had finally set myself a deadline in the search for today's photos. I told myself that if they did not show up by 6:30, I would move on and feature another photo. I kept looking at my computer clock to stay on track. And, miracle of miracles, EXACTLY, at the time I specified, the photos showed up on my monitor.

Intention/declaration/fulfillment. Is there something you would like to declare now?

As always, have fun and play with this.

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