June 3, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 20

finch on a note card
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white finch in Butterfly World
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Today's Picture to Ponder Photo
Horizontal view of the leaves, or frond, of a Bottle Palm Tree

As I was searching for today's Picture to Ponder photo the drama of this one popped out at me. "Perfect for writing," I thought, though I did not plan to write from it in this issue. And then as I was putting together this issue, I wrote:


Powerful leaves
Diagonally strong
Directed where?
Into an abyss or
A whole new world of opportunity?

I appreciate your strength and
Your different points of view.

Rotate you 180 degrees and
I want to sleep,
Lulled by your gentle movement

bottle treee palm frond

Rotate you once again at 90 degrees
And I want to party.
It's the feeling of the rhythm of what
Now appears to be one side of
Your head of long hair.

bottle palm tree frond at normal view

This is the normal way you are seen.
Shall I keep this view,
Making a party statement on life?

Or shall I go for the power and direction
In picture number one?

To see photos 2 and 3 enlarged, and for other views of the trunk and the full tree, see BOTTLE PALM TREE.

Self-Reflecting Queries
How wonderful it is that life does offer us so many options and opportunities to change in any moment, simply by shifting our view points - perspectives. All I needed to do to experience totally different perceptions here was to rotate the photo.

Are there places in your life right now, where shifting points of view might present new opportunities for you? If so, I invite you to play with this. Before starting note, also, that the original source of the shift occurred in the closing in, initially, on a small section of the frond. It was that which resulted in the variety.

As I look at the tree itself, large view, I find it difficult to source the origin of the powerful view initially shown here. This reminds me to invite you to also close in on a small segment of the situation you might be exploring.

Lastly, I invite you to use the photos as a jumping off point for your own writing, for exploration. You might find something totally unexpected opening up for you and I expect, most different than what came up for me.

As always, have fun.

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