May 29, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 19

butterfly note card
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white finch in Butterfly World

orange flower in Butterfly World
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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
A Finch and an Orange Flower, last of the recent photos from Butterfly World, Coconut Creek, FL, that I will be showing, for now at least.

I love the bird for its softness and facial expression and the flower for its brightness and color. Two very different images, visually they hold together on the page because of the repetition of colors - the oranges and greens in both. As to why they are being featured together, see the Self-Reflecting Queries (SRQs) below.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Ambivalence has been in charge, off and on, for the past week or so, as I've considered which photos to select to be the featured ones for this issue.
I could go into other "stories", excuses, and more, and bottom line came the decision to simply act.

I had decided to use one of the bird photos, especially to please those of you who like seeing birds. While looking through the assortment from the Butterfly World excursion, the flower photo popped up. I decided it could work aesthetically, at the same time satisfying the flower lovers.

As I scroll up and down being with the two photos, along with the butterfly note card image, I am quite pleased. Although seemingly unrelated, they work well together, I think, complementing one another. In terms of how they relate to SRQs, once again, we seem to come back to the theme of "trust".

Are there places in your life where you are stalling on taking action? If so, I invite you to set aside whatever the "reasons" you've declared are holding you back and simply step out and do at least one small thing, trusting that there will be a result that pleases you.

As always, have fun with whatever you choose to do, or not do

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