April 29, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 15

purple cattleya orchid tile box
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white and purple alstormeria blended in Photoshop Elements

white alstromeria
lavendar alstromeria

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
Blended White and Purple Alstroemeria - the lower two photos, taken at different times, were combined into the single image shown on the top, using Photoshop Elements 4.0.

Correction - In the last Issue of Picture to Ponder I stated that the flower was a Lily. In fact, it was an Amaryllis. I thought it might be and, obviously, did not thoroughly check it out. My "aha" came while visiting a garden in Gainesville, FL which had a section of Amaryllis.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Regarding today's featured blended photo, I am delighted with the achievement that produced the end result. I thought you, too, might appreciate the light, airy, as well as almost mystical, feeling that it exudes. The creating of it is actually the outcome of letting go resistance and also taking on something one step-at-a-time.

My resistance was to using the Photoshop program for anything beyond basic resizing, sometimes cropping, occasional minor color adjustment and sometimes touch-up, eliminating small, distracting spots. As a matter of fact, in various issues of Picture to Ponder, a year or two ago, I've written about wanting to remain "pure" to the photography, actually being somewhat defensive and, as I reflect on it now, "positional."

I invite you to look into your life, are there places where you have taken a strong position on what you will or will not do, places where, in fact, if you made a shift, even slight, there might some exciting openings for you? This could be related to tasks and/or relationships.

Also, are there places in your life where projects look so overwhelming that you are turning away from them?
The alstromeria photo blend almost did not happen. There were so many different aspects to the course, or so I told myself, that I simply stopped, put off completing a couple of lessons I'd started and never moved on to the others. Then at the last minute, the day before the two-week extension ended, I simply stopped thinking about it and got into action, one exercise at a time.

Now I am ecstatic. For the same exercise I also did another combo photo that will be the DVD cover for Banana Sky DVD, soon to be released in an easier to produce, easier to purchase format. I know I will be using this technique, as well as many other small, timesaving tips I picked up in this course, in many more creative ways.

Perhaps you, too, have areas, in your life, where you "know" the answers and don't need support. I also invite you to step back, look, and consider places where things might become easier for you, simply if you allowed someone else in and took a few lessons.

More on my "Resistance Story," if it will help you.

In the last issue I mentioned taking this online Photoshop Elements course. I've been using an earlier version for some time, simply using it for basics. Some of what I do is self-taught and some I gleaned from the online courses led by Sara Froelich for Eclectic Academy. As I recall, my main reason for enrolling in the course at this time was to start coming out of the state I've been in and get into some more ready, creative activities.

My dear friend, Rebecca Collins, pet portrait artist, whom I've mentioned in the past, is an avid user and promoter of Photoshop and has been after me for years to get into using it myself. I'd been routinely resisting and would simply call her if I got stuck.

Having connected with her when I hired her to do my first web site, I had experienced following her lead with Dreamweaver and other programs. I did finally take on Cafe Press, where our Gift Shop is, well over a year after she kept encouraging me to do that.

Now, I am finally moving a little more into the Photoshop world. After all, many professionals do refer to it as the "Digital Darkroom" and I'm certainly familiar with that, having oberved my beloved Sam spend hours in the darkroom where, for years, he tweaked his wonderful black and white photographs. Thank you both Sam and Rebecca.

Note - If you love pets and/or are interested in seeing some creative work with Photoshop, do check out Becca's artdog blog, where she actually shows you what she's doing. You can also link to her site from there.

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tulip for Parkinson's Donation
pink tulip round magnet
Lacquered Keepsake Box with Beautiful White
Velvet Interior
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PD is the second most common neurodegenerative disease experienced by man, Alzheimer's disease being the most common. See Patient Information on the APDA site for more detailed information on description and treatment. I've also included a few more facts on the Tulips donation page.

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