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tulips2008 velvety appearance
Velvet Tulip

Welcome to this APDA Tulips 2008 page. Tulips are the symbol of hope. A red and white tulip was named after James Parkinson, who did a treatise on "Shaking Palsy" 200 years ago.

The tulips on this page reflect a pot of budding tulips photographed from the day of purchase through their completion - a total of five days. Two of the pictures were featured in Picture to Ponder,
Volume 4 - Issue 9, promoting the APDA 2008 Annual Walk-a-Thon.

Enjoy the flowers.

Note - Several tulips on this page are available for sale on clocks, magnets, tiles and keepsake boxes. See GIFT SHOP TULIPS

tulips 2008 - 1a

tulips 2008 number 1b

tulips 2008 - 3

tulips 2008 - 4

tulips opening

tulips - reflected light
(Click the #6 for this tulip in the Gift Shop)

tulips 2008 - abstract pattern
(Click the #7 for these abstract-looking tulips in the Gift Shop)


tulips 2008 #3

tulips #4

tulips 2008 3c

tulips 5

tulips - last one

For Links for more Information on Parkinson's Disease, APDA Parkinson's Support and making donations, see PICTURE TO PONDER - Vol4 - Issue 9

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