September 4, 2007
Volume 3 - Number 55

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webbed insect sculpture

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
looking Skyward at a webbed Insect Sculpture

On a recent night-time walk in our neighborhood I noticed the web around the above sculpture that was in the front of one of the homes. I made a mental note to come back the next day to photograph it.

Many of you are probably wondering how this fits among my usual photos. Please check the Self-Reflecting Queries section for more.

In terms of aesthetics, I've included the top photo for its overall feeling. I especially like the almost circular flow of the central image in the midst of the beautiful clouds. Note the repetition of shapes.

In the lower photo the focus is more on the web.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Today's photos are a departure from the usual, in part, because it's not my practice to feature another artist's work. In this case, it's the that is the NATURal web that is the center of interest.

The imagery had stayed with me from the time I first saw it. I decided that somehow there must be a message in it to pass on, so I went with my gut. As I started setting up today's issue, it came to me.

What intrigued me initially was that a live insect, or insects, had chosen this sculptural one to weave a web on. "Did it think that the sculpture was real? Was it an expression of romance? Love?"
These are among the romantic, playful questions I had.

Whether any of these thoughts were true, what I realized is that the imagery above is a perfect example of how often I, and most likely you, interact with our perceptions of things, or situations, as if they are the reality. In the process we build our own webs around them, often accumulating a lot of "gunk" in the process, as exemplified in the photos above.

Sam and I had the pleasure this weekend of a visit with our dear friend, Ina from Boston. During a portion of the time, she and I worked on her Magic Meditations Workshops website. I've been interpreting her wishes and text, designing the site and getting it all up on the web.

She noted a minor/major mistake that had been missed from the beginning. Though it had nothing to do with my end of the process, without even checking it out, I assumed it was going to be a big deal for another person involved to correct. I know my assumption and resulting body language and, presumably, unexpressed attitude put some short-term, intermittent, and unnecessary tension in the space between Ina and me.

Bringing this back to today's photo, I, in effect, had starting building a web around something I called "real," a web that could have started attracting other negativity and junk.

I invite you, now, to look at your life. Are there areas where you may be building webs around unconfirmed "realities?" If so, as always, I invite you to check them out before the web structure is complete.

If you'd like to see the site-in-progress, click on WORKSHOPS. The CD cover art is comprised of selected photos of mine. If you visit, keep in mind that the CDs are in post-production. There are places you can register your name if you wish to be kept informed of their release date.

Completing on the Last Issue -
Thank all of you who shared your concern for, and support of, Sam and me. For those who read the SRQs, I'd like you to know that after I was finished, I had the huge "Aha" that what I had been focusing on is "what's missing," rather than on the Gratitude for what we do have. There is far more power in Gratitude.

I posted a follow-up on PICTURE PONDERING blog

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photograph of Sheila Finkelstein
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