March 24, 2006
Volume 2 - Number 29

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Orchid room in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Orchid room at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida

Click on the photo for a larger view of this scene to experience the feeling of walking into it. This can also be a fertile one for using your imagination. Sam gets the sense of dwarves behind the bushes, just past the Indian, moose, alligator or however else you define the wooden image on the left which projects into the picture.

There is message behind choosing this photo today. A few people have written to us about the Chihuly Glass Sculpture exhibit at Fairchild Garden. A friend ecstatically shared her visit to the gardens yesterday. She was excited with all of the flowers in bloom, as well as the nature sculptures so beautifully integrated with so many of the plants.

I spoke of my disappointment when we were there two years ago. I went back into my photo files to check the date to see if the time of year perhaps had made the difference.

Among many others I found this photo which, on the larger scale, immediately drew me into it and I thought many of you would appreciate it also. It brings with it our wishes for a peaceful, nurturing weekend.


In reflecting on our Fairchild Garden experience two years ago, in April, and my disappointment, I recall having expected a far greater abundance of gardens and blooming flowers. I probably was prepared to compare it to Longwood Gardens in Delaware. Also, having regularly visited the American Orchid Society's lush orchid greenhouse, I had another mental/visual marker.

My thoughts moved on to remembering the unique experiences we did have on our visit that day and some of the photos which have made a difference in my sharing, including the one of the "Painted Tree" on Photo Page 3 of our site.

The point of my story today is, "Are there places in your life where you've 'written off' the experience(s) because of unfulfilled expectations?"

I invite you to think of one or two of them. If you were to go back and revisit the memory, or the place again, with new eyes, what might you find that has already enriched your life or has the possibility for so doing? For what from it can you express gratitude?

Also, the next time you catch yourself quickly discounting something, pause for a moment or two to reflect
on the positives in that situation.

To rich and expanded memories and experiences .

Because Sam has been afflicted with this disease,I have stepped out of my offering-photos-and-queries-mainly mode to provide you with the opportunity to support this also. Special thanks to those of you who have so thoughtfully and generously responded.
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Issue 209 of Picture to Ponder
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