January 3, 2006
Volume 2 - Number 1

great white egret feathers

breeding plumeage of a Great White Egret in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

It is mating/nesting time, once again, in Wakodahatchee. Early morning walks will find lots of activity and this particular egret was idly searching for food in the late afternoon.

The feathers of many of the birds are quite dramatic at this time of year in Florida. I particularly love the delicacy of those shown above. Their flow and rhythm, contrasted with the deep, almost night-time color of the water, create an enlivened, yet peaceful mood, for me, as I view the scene.

As an aside, for those interested in history, in the 1880's and '90s there were the mass killings of the egrets for the use of their feathers in hats.There was actually the threat of extinction.

As I was writng the above, I started giving a few references, links and further comments on stories around the plumeage for hats. I love sharing information and doing things for people, such as providing links, saving them the time of searching.

I then caught and reminded myself that the goal of Picture to Ponder is to present photos that move and inspire and invite you to look for things and situations in your own environments that will make a difference for you.

I went on to think aout the many the times I go off course and then meander back. This is fine and, in many instances, quite exciting. On the other hand, it's often quite time-consuming and self-defeating when there are many other things that need accomplishing.

How about you? Are you, too, a meanderer at times? If so, in what ways does this empower and serve you? If you do wish to stay on course, do you have structures in place for supporting that?

I realized for me, today, it was as simple as remembering my "purpose" for Picture to Ponder and a reminder of the value for setting goals as we start 2006.

For those new to Picture to Ponder, you will find that many of the photos are taken at Wakodahatchee Wetlands. You might enjoy my ODE TO WAKODAHATCHEE.

I have also this past weekend finished compiling an alphabetic listing, by photo subject, of the second 101 Picture to Ponder issues. See Second 100.
You can find the same for the first 100 at First 100.

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Issue 209 of Picture to Ponder
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