August 29, 2007
Volume 3 - Number 54

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dancing dead fireflag leaves in Wakodahatchee

spotted fireglag leaf in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

fireflag leaves dead and alive bring light

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
fireflag leaves in varying stages of their life cycle in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Initially it was the color in some of the leaves that caught my attention on a recent walk. I zoomed in on some (not shown here), then took other photos of the surroundings.

On the conscious level I was not aware of any message. For this descriptive section, suffice it to say that I love the rhythm in the photo and the play of the leaves. In the center photo, I like the composition and the leaf, with the play of light and shadows.

The bottom one was a late addition as one of today's featured photos. When I finished working through so many varied and, sometimes, muddied thoughts and emotions today, this alive and bright photo from the same scene called to me and asked to be included.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Today's photos are symbolic of some of the issues I am working through with losses we are experiencing as a result of the ravages of the Parkinson's Disease with which, as most of you know, my husband Sam is afflicted.

I've been feeling a lot of sadness lately as I experience more and more the loss of communication between us, as well as other things. Although Sam knows what's going on, it has become much harder for him to get out the words. What does not help either of us is that I am still in denial and angry words erupt quite frequently.

I will probably blog on this as a way of further expansion and transformation for myself. Insofar as this space goes, I hold it that Picture to Ponder, generally, "should be" about "pretty and uplifting" pictures and thoughts. I therefore will not continue here expressing any more of my reactions to today's featured photos and thoughts.

Also, I don't want to color your reactions. I do think today's photos are rich and beautiful, in their way, and your responses, depending on what you are experiencing in your life now, may be totally different from mine. I do not want to minimize that for you.

In terms of queries for today, are there places in your life where you are hiding out and not facing your fears? If so, are there steps you can take, or are taking, to get you through and past them?

For me, it was allowing myself to push through here, dwelling on the photos, at first freeing myself up by sharing some of my thoughts with mastermind friends on a Skype chat and getting acknowledged, then following through here.

The ultimate test for me will be to continue the process and follow through on my Picture Pondering blog.

Are there actions you would like to take, resulting from thoughts you've had from today's photos and writing? Will you follow through?

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photograph of Sheila Finkelstein
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