July 5, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 131

from someone who is recuperating from open heart surgery:"As I am on the road to recovering, the pics give my hurting belly a lift. Thx for sharing them."

What have you been experiencing from
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TODAY'S PHOTO - Continuing the Black and White Theme -
my predominant artist/photographer/writer's hand through an opening in a decayed tree photographed by Sam many years ago. The sterling silver and fired clay rings are ones that I had fun creating.

This weekend we spent some time sorting and categorizing photos - mine in folders in the computer, Sam's mounted 8 X 10s in boxes now labeled with categories. For some reason this particular photo especially grabbed my attention and I pulled it out to share with you.

I think that part of what is calling me is that the photo epitomizes the feeling of texture that I so love. I think the whole picture exudes love. "Warmth and love" is the feeling subscriber Steven Grubman wrote to say that he got when gazing at Friday's UNDER THE BOARDWALK photo. Perhaps he planted the seed for my response to this Hand in the Tree photo.

Often, I have been asked if Sam and I both see things in the same way. Interestingly we respond to the same and similar things in Nature. Sam tends to see even more, "it-looks-like" images than I do. And he'll often point out something that I "should" take a picture of or, when he was taking more photos, he would sometimes take one of something that he thought I would like to do a photo/ drawing on (see photo/drawing art on www.naturesplayground.com). Invariably, though I appreciated the photograph, there would be a slight difference in the way I would see it or want to use it).

Lastly, insofar as comments on today's photo and the subject, a decayed tree - I was walking not long ago with a friend who marveled at the beauty I would see in so many dying or dead flowers, branches, tree stumps, things she would pass right by and ignore... As a result of our walks, she is now looking at things in her world with a whole new perspective.

I invite you to look around the next time you take a walk at something or things which you would ordinarily pass by. It does not even have to be from nature. It could be on a wall, ceiling or floor. What can you find in what you see that now takes on a whole new view?

Also, take a few minutes to observe and talk with people close to you. Notice the kinds of things you see similarly and what might be different. It might even be fun to take a few of the PICTURE TO PONDER photos and compare your responses to them. If the latter appeals to you, the BLOG is the quickest way to see thumbnails, at a glance, of the past 10 photos. Following through with the links from them will get you to the larger images. (See USING THE BLOG)

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