May 24, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 108

Having fun. Playing with the unexpected.

I suspect that many of you will be a little taken aback, or surprised, as you open up this issue of Picture to Ponder and see the photo of my feet in Sam's lap as he rests a notebook on my legs while writing. This was one of those totally unplanned actions and photos. I was interviewing Sam for my Artist-of-the-Month column in our community newsletter and writing with my feet resting in his lap.
(See INTERVIEW, if you are curious about the article)

As many of you know Sam, my husband (for new subscribers), has been afflicted with Parkinson's Disease. The most challenging consequence from which he suffers is his oftentimes inability to verbalize his thoughts, much of the time struggling to get his words out. I generally get even more frustrated than he and will say, "Forget it!" In this case I needed the information, so I suggested he write it down. My legs became the "perfect" table, since my feet were already in his lap.

We peacefully sat, each doing our own writing, when I glanced up and was suddenly "taken with the scene." I naturally went for the camera and we were fortunately able to recreate the positions and carry on naturally as I started photographing.

Sam's spontaneous humor kicked in when we looked at the photos later. His first comment on seeing this one was, "I always wanted to be a podiatrist!" (not so, simply joking) What might have ordinarily been a very agitating time turned into one of peace and pleasure, one that will continue to bring smiles whenever I revisit the photographs.

Where in your life can you look at things from a totally different point of view? Where can you bring play into them? And, is your camera handy, as well as your pen and paper?

Speaking of humor - Mary Gray's comment on yesterday's little blue heron, "He looks like a little wise guy, maybe a stand-up comic even though he is facing away. (Maybe he's trying to decide whether or not to take another bow.)" Debra Schanilec

Noelle Randall wrote, speaking to PICTURE TO PONDER in general:
"No matter what is going on during my day, when I flash on "picture to ponder" I get a big smile on my face. Nature is so powerful in her beauty, especially when a talented person is able to capture the beauty on camera."


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