December 30, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 49

As the sun and the year 2008 set, may they bring the beauty of their reflected light into your 2009 with the same celebration and joy that we see the children expressing at sunrise.

See below for two upcoming programs for expansion - One for all interested in tuning into and expressing their passions; one for the budding authors among you.

sunset at Wakodahatchee Wetlands - 12/27/08

sunrise with children - Boynton Beach

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
A December Sunset in Wakodahtachee Wetlands and children celebrating a December Sunrise at Boynton Beach, FL

The sunset was recent and I photographed the sunrise three years ago. It remains one of my favorites, as I recall the sheer exuberance of my granddaughter and one of my three grandsons with their visiting cousins from Indiana.

I love using this photo for December in my Sunrise/Sunset calendar. I see it as one of celebration of the year ending, as well as anticipation for the New Year to come.

Note - For those who love beach sunrises, you can see five more in a Picture to Ponder Issue, from last November.

The Story
None today - Simply an observation, as I smile, on the changes in the three years since the lower photo was taken. All four (I think) are on Facebook (my two grandchildren here and a grandson in Georgia are among my "Friends"). All are into text messaging on their phones. The latter I do without.

Today's Self-Reflecting Queries
Most of you, I'm sure, are and will be receiving an abundance of emails and suggestions for gratitude lists, blessings, and more as we wrap up the past year and look into and plan for the next.

For today, I'm leaving the Self-Reflecting Queries up to you. Spend a moment or two, or more, with each of the two photos and experience whatever comes up for you. Take those thoughts and feeling wherever they go, or wherever they don't.

May we all have a Blessed, Healthful 2009 - May it bring all that each of us wish for and more.


Two Programs I suggest you check out -

42 Days of Passionate Presence led by Julie Jordan Scott Adela Rubio. A lot of who I am today, and what you experience here in Picture to Ponder, results from courses I've
participated in facilitated by Julie. I did a couple of rounds of 42 Day Writing and 42 Day Discover your Passion programs a few years ago.

Those writing experiences, as well as a few of her writing
teleseminars, are what opened me up to the potential
of myself as a writer. Adela, too, was an active participant in those programs. She also facilitated a few other programs in which I participated and experienced growth.

Both are special women. 42 Days of Passionate Presence is scheduled to start on Jan. 7 and was jump-started this week. See BEing Bootcamp for a description of the course and its bonuses, all of which are being gifted to you.


VIP Inner Authors Circle , facilitated by Shelley Lieber, a membership program with monthly teleclasses, MP3s of them, many bonuses, including a signed copy of Shelley Lieber 's 4Ps to Publishing Success: Get Your Manuscript Off Your Desk & Into Print, a step-by-step workbook to guide aspiring authors through the publishing process.

All of this is only $97 TOTAL for those who enroll by 12/31 and $127 after. For those who meet the 12/31 deadline, Shelley is also including the audio files of the 4Ps to Publishing Success teleseminar (4 hours of all new and updated information not found in the book)

Although I have not yet been in a course with Shelley, other than the initial call, I have been most impressed with my initial experiences of her both in that phone call and in subsequent follow-up emails and TWEETS (for those on Twitter) that we've had. See Authors Circle for full details.

As an special interest for me, her husband, Joe Gemignani, is an awesome photographer.

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If posting on a blog is not your style, please continue to send your comments directly to me. Learning what you are experiencing means a lot. It is part of the reward, for me, of publishing Picture to Ponder.

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