December 19 , 2007
Volume 3 - Number 64

Sam's Light Continues to be with Us!

sunrise from the street at Delray Beach

sunrise from the street at Delray Beach

Delray Beach sunrise daylight savings time weekend

sunrise at Delray Beach November 3, 2007

clouds at sunrise

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
Sunrise photos at Delray Beach taken on November 3rd

The top photograph, for me, is a great follow-up to the last issue where I featured the light from the Shivah [mourning] candle for Sam. Several wrote, on the blog or to me directly, that they saw an angel in either, or both, the top photo and the bottom one in that issue.

The sun in the top photo here in today's issue feels like a halo radiating warmth and love, to me, to you and to the world. I think each of the other photos also offers something special. For this issue, I chose to sequence the event, going backwards, to the first glimpse we get of the sun peeking out above the clouds.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Interesting, to me, that the word "event" came out as I was writing the last paragraph. In fact, now that I think of it, I do celebrate the rising of the sun as an event. Are you aware of all events and celebrations that are meaningful to you in your life?

Now, for what I had thought would be my main message - The photos above were taken on the Saturday, the day before we set clocks back an hour, in the States, to go from daylight to standard time. Because walking on the sand at the beach had been getting more difficult for him, Sam had not been fond of going to the beach, especially at sunrise. Still, when we went to bed on Friday night, I announced that if we were awake between 6 or 6:30 AM we were going to the beach for sunrise since we could catch it at the late hour of 7:20 AM.

We woke up at 6:15 and though I was the one who groaned about leaving the house and driving to the beach, I stuck to my commitment of the night before, simply because I had said so. How glad I am that I did! Sam walked easily on the beach that morning and we had a delightful breakfast out, the last of either that we would ever have together. He went into the hospital five days later, never, as most of you know, to leave there.

How blessed I am now to have, in addition to the beautiful photos here, these uplifting memories to override the unpleasant ones of the days that followed. The only thing missing, as I reflect, is that it never occurred to me to photograph my beloved that day.

So, now to you, dear reader, I ask that you look into your own life and note the activities that are special for you, especially those you do, have done, with the ones you love. Are there any that you have put off or simply haven't done in a while? If so, I invite you, wherever possible, to take action around them now.

In conclusion, it's my wish for all of you that the beautiful light that we see in the photos above radiates throughout all your lives in the week ahead for those who are celebrating holidays and for all of us in the upcoming New Year.


sunrise year-at-a-glance calendar in the Nature Art gift shop
I was so excited with these, and other recent sunrises and sunsets, that I updated the 12-month Sunrise/Sunset calendar in our Gift Shop. It includes several new photos, as well as favored older ones.

I also put several of the images on year-at-a-glance calendars. Even if you don't want the calende, it's a most cost effective way of getting a high quality 8.5 X 11 inch print. Simply cut off the calendar portion.

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