October 26, 2007
Volume 3 - Number 62

Wood knot on railing at Green Cay Wetlands

wood knot and patterns on railing in Green Cay Wetlands

wood knot 3 on railing in Green Cay Wetlands

Wood knot 4 on boardwalk railing in Green Cay Wetlands

Green Cat Wetlands wood know on boardwalk

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
Wood Knots in the boardwalk railing at Green Cay Wetlands.

In the top four photos I particularly respond to the rhythm and the movement in the patterns in the wood. I selected and sized the photos for this issue a couple of days ago and this morning the boldness in the bottom one caught my attention so I'm including it also. Sam likes it the best, stating that it has the most variation.

The dew drops, or is it sap, in the top photo add to the intrigue it holds for me.

These photos were taken the same morning as those featured a few issues ago in Vol. 3 - Issue 59 There is quite a contrast between the effects of the metal there and the wood here.

Self-Reflecting Queries
I actually had a variety of queries, during the past few days, as I pondered today's issue of Picture to Ponder. Unfortunately, I did not record them in any way. They are, thus, gone for now.

Do you have thoughts running around your head waiting to be put forth? Activated?

For now, insofar as word content, I'll be content with the Photo/Writing I did on the photo on the third photo above. Check my Picture Pondering blog for a visual of the words written directly on the photo. They run along the natural lines and shapes in the photo...

Linear flow and textures call my pen to write.
What does it want to say?
Or, Is it simply enough to play,
having the letters play with the spaces.

What is hiding here? Is it eerie?  Is it safe? 
The shadow speaks above.

The hidden eye. 
Is it an eye?  Is it a mouth?

Words of my heart waiting to be expressed?


A river flows. 
Steady rhythm strumming down the bank.
Gently it plays along my being.
Soothing, Calming, Feeding

The Fibers of my soul.

How sweet it is!

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