May 26 , 2006
Volume 2 - Number 48

Bring your Summer Alive Using Your Camera Newly
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rusted post

rust cropped

remnants on a city sidewalk what might have been a post for electrical connections

I started looking up and photographing construction of a high rise building the other day and then in looking down and closer to me I began looking for textures for photograph for the Photo_Creativity graduate group's assignment. I was attracted by the weathering and the rust, as well as the seeming, pulled back metal on this object.

This morning when I started looking at photos to choose one for today, the view on top brought a smile to my face. I got the feeling of a flirtatious young woman, looking directly at me, while coyly holding her arms to one side.

Given this started out to be about texture, I then cropped the photo to look more closely at what I thought might be a landscape in the brown area. Once I focussed in, the blue folded sections became much for exciting for me. I like the seeming shininess of some of it.

The portion on the left is full of animal and plant imagery and the section on the right looks like the profile of a dog with a long nose.

As I now query what to write here today, I am struck by the difference in viewpoints. In the first photo, I saw an immediate whole and had an instantaneous response, a feeling. In the second, my "head" started kicking in with thoughts and "trying to" find something.

Though interesting, it also became a challenge, a need to "prove a point" somehow. When I step back and look at the whole again, I am able to have an appreciation for photo number 2 for simply what it also is as a whole.

How often do you find yourself focussing in on the smaller parts of a situation to, perhaps, "prove a point" of your own? What happens when, or if, you pull back and look at the whole picture?

Lastly, today's photo was of something most people would probably pass by, considering it old, useless and ugly. Was that your experience today or did you find something to capture your interest and appreciation?

Is it your inclination to hurry past people or things that don't appeal to you? If so, what might be available if you stopped and looked at the situation with new eyes? Certainly, don't stare if it's a person. Simply pause long enough to created a visual memory upon which you can reflect shortly after.

I had so much fun and appreciation reading your comments the other day on the new picturepondering blog, that I was moved to add another post related to today's photos and other thoughts I had.

I ended up with another smile as I personified the image speaking to us. See CORROSION or TRANSFORMATION.

Have fun!

Through the Lens: Access to Transformation
also known as Photo/Creativity Teleclasses.

"There is very little opportunity to share with other people and to receive feedback. It was good to have your constant reminders of things we should be looking for, as in photographic materials, colors, contrasts, light and shadow, and design. You led us to realize, by being aware and alert, even in our daily activities, there are many subjects to capture through the lens." Marva Mohr

"I will now look at photos, I know, in a totally different way.  As I’m traveling this summer and have the opportunity to use my camera, I think the way I’m going to use it will be different." Gail Ouimet, participant in 4/06 Course.

Promises of the course - You will:

• Create new accesses to your own vision.
• Bring new eyes to your vacations.
• Experience things you might otherwise have missed.
• Get energized and inspired, plus much, much more.

"Thank you for setting up this wonderful forum where I learned to see again! Your class bought me alive and was exciting to be a part of.   That’s the reason I took the class to start with. 

It was looking at your photos and your vision helped me to become a better photographer. Now I see differently. I will never see the same way again.  And that’s what I wanted when I started. Thank you from my heart "
Blaise Allen, Ph.D, 4/06 Participant

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