July 18, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 139

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a maranta - prayer plant, whose leaves are almost closed for the night.

One night last week, after I was in bed, I thought of our maranta/prayer plant out on our enclosed patio, and remembered that it needed water. Too tired to get out of bed and tend to it, I let it go 'til morning. As I watered it I recalled mentioning, a few months ago, this plant that has been in our lives for so long - well over 30 years.

Our prayer plant survives with little maintenance and, at times, total neglect. It has almost died off several times and I was certain several months ago that it was going to be gone. Then some tiny new leaves started appearing and hanging on. If you look closely at the baby leaves shot, you can see them in the lower left.

The leaves started growing. I'm not sure whether it was the smaller ones growing larger or other leaves shooting up around them. During the day, the plants leaves look like those in the daytime photo and at night the maranta closes up, thus the common name of prayer plant. From certain angles the leaves are totally closed and touching each other.

I chose the particular view above as the main featured one today because I love the rhythm of the leaves, the playfulness and almost dancing quality, as well as the invitation from the about-to-unfurl new leaves.

(An aside - I checked the maranta on google and found that it loves high humidity which explains why it's now starting to thrive. It is in a very humid location.)

How many things or people in your life have you been taking for granted? Are there some who are still there whom you may even have forgotten, including the pleasures that they once gave you?

As I was thinking about this yesterday, I did acknowledge Sam for several of the things I so take for granted and expect from him. Are there people in your life whom you can acknowledge today or this week?

Have fun with this!

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Thanks to Renee Kleckner for being the first to try this out with me. Click on the second triangle to hear Renee and Sheila.

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