May 4, 2011
Volume 7 - Issue 18

During my recent family visit to GA, I was captivated by the rose set in a bowl on the kitchen window sill below.

Today's Photos -

backlit rose on kitchen window sill


rose in bowl



close up of center of rose


I decided to take the bowl to a different location for "better" photographs. I subsequently realized that one of the things that drew me in initially was the light shining through some of the petals. It felt magical, almost like they were transparent.

After taking and view several photographs I realized that the true beauty for me in the experience was in my first, spontaneous response. The light and shadows were an integral part of the beingness of the scene.

I could go into making up more stories and hypotheses and I'll leave that up to you.

For the record, though, Ellen my daughter-in-law, found this rose on the floor in a fresh foods' market. With permission she took it home for us all to enjoy. I'm sure furthest from her thoughts was the fact that the flower would wind up possibly impacting you, too.

Roses also seem to be a reminder of the upcoming celebration here in the States. To all of you who are mothers, or want to honor mothers, Happy Mother's Day.

Though I hadn't thought about it for earlier issues, if you are into "belated gifts" there are links to possibilities for a variety of products enhanced with Picture to Ponder art and photography. These can be found on my Nature Art Gifts site.

The latter page also includes a link for Gift Certificates. (You can go directly to from here or scroll to the bottom of the gifts page.)

Self-Reflecting Queries -
Following up on Ellen's noticing, are there places in your life right now where you might be "stepping over" things, or situations, without seeing the answers that may be right in front of you?

Also, are there situations where you quickly move from what's already there to find something that might be "better?"

If "yes", I invite you, as always, to look at the experience(s) and take some time to simply be with what's there. Can you see the possibilities?

As always, have fun, and please share on the blog what comes up for you.

New in Nature Art Gift Shop -

wild irises from Wakodahatchee imprinted on ceramic tiles
Fulfilling in the request of a subscriber, two of the recent Wild Iris from Wakodahatchee Wetlands are now on tiles - individual tiles, framed, and inset in lacquered boxes. See TILES.

Hot Off the Electronic Press - Dewitt Jones - iPhone Art in My Life

You may remember that a few months ago I invested in an iPhone because I was so excited with the iPhone photos former National Geographic Photograher Dewitt Jones was sharing on Facebook.

Today I got a message from him that his first iPhone Photo Art book is now available for Kindle download OR on our computers using the f*ree Kindle download for our desktops.

Quickly and simply I was able to purchase his book. I'm so excited. In addition to having the photos to enjoy in one place, rather than searching Facebook, we now know what iPhone apps were used to expand his vision of the photos.

In my first review for Amazon, I wrote:

"Beautiful photos and once again I'm moved by Dewitt's words. In his introduction he states, "...the iPhone has become my gratitude journal.

Having it with me all the time, I find I take photos of everyday beauty. . . Volume One of “iPhone Art in My Life,” a book of visual “thank you’s” for the moments that make my life worth living."

For more details and to purchase, see iPhone Photo Art Book.

Program For Creatives Who Are Sometimes Stymied with their Abundant Ideas -

Although this program started last week there is still time to listen f*ree, or for 48 hours on MP3 replays, to upcoming calls on the Creative Souls Telesummit.

This week's schedule -

Jenn August - on breaking through our blocks

Stephanie Lee - a working artist on planning + productivity + community

Samantha Bennett - on beating procrastination

Luna Jaffe - on financial wisdom for our creative souls!

I highly recommend checking it out. For details, including speakers, schedule and bonuses, see CREATIVE SOULS TELESUMMIT.

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