December 18, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 47

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round cactus 1 - 2005

cactus 1 in 2008, close up view

fulll round cactus1 in 2008

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photos
a Round Cactus first featured in Picture to Ponder in February 2005

The top photo is the one featured in Issue 39 and discussed in Issue 40 . In 2005 the plant at that point resided on a table on my patio. It now resides on a ledge in my bathroom, lighted by that coming through a glass block window.

The middle photo of the plant currently attempts to replicate the view in the 2005 shot. For those interested in comparing the different time frames, I took a picture of the plant today on the same table in the patio so the lighting would be the similar to the first time, the bottom photo.

When observing the view of the whole plant, you can see how curled up the older leaves have gotten and yet the new growth in the center is still vibrant and full.

The Story
There's not much more to the story today, other than what's stated above.

Recently every time I see this cactus plant, my inner voice tells me to photograph and feature it again in Picture to Ponder. I finally took the new photographs today. Then, when sorting through the others I downloaded with them, two additional themes, vying for attention, emerged.

I finally stopped the inner chatter and chose to stick with what I planned. I'm not even sure what it is about the plant that's having it be "the one" for today.

As I look at the plant and reflect on it, I'm thinking that it can be symbollic for the new year and for the birthdays I just celebrated, Picture to Ponder's and my own. Most of the plant looks like it's dying off, at least withering away and yet, when looking at the core, the vibrancy of new growth is rich and full.

Perhaps it's bringing us the message that we can look at the past year and see the things that we are ready to shed, perhaps even casting off some fears, knowing that what's ahead is bright and green.

And, as I'm completing the last sentence, I'm marveling at the relevant thoughts and ideas that showed up. There are several opportunities I want to share with you today and the above unexpectedly leads to two of them! - my friend Debbie Friedman's offer of her complimentary FREEDOM FROM FEAR audio and Sandy Grason's exciting LIVE FABULOUS NOW five week program in which I am participating.

(The above links will take you below for more information.)

Today's Self-Reflecting Queries
Accepting that the message of the photos is about shedding and growth, I invite you to look into your life and at the past year to see what you might have already let go.

Can you see the new growth waiting to burst through? Perhaps it already has. Are your celebrating?

Look again at the 2008 plant photos above. Note the beauty in the curves of the leaves that are still there reminding us of what still is.

Now check. Are there accomplishments for which you have yet to acknowledge yourself? If so, please take some time to do so now.

Enjoy your voyage of Exploration and Discovery and please check the programs below, all of which have the potential to enhance and propel your journey.


Special Offers - Must See's

Debbie Friedman, Cleaning out the Closet of Your Mind, in her Share the Freedom movement Program is offering her Gaining Freedom From Fear, relaxation and transformation audio at No Charge to as many people as possible, "everyone everywhere so that each individual can take their power back and live the life they love to live."

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Also, if you missed it three issues ago, ARTELLA is gifting you complimentary ebooks, including ExerSIGHS: A Self-Esteem Workbook for Writers and Artists

Another that I've also downloaded and am still looking forward to reading is
MoneyMorphosis: Ten Things Butterflies Can Teach Us About Money. The description states that it invites us to transform the way we think about money by following 10 metaphorical fables in which butterflies teach us about true prosperity.


LIVE FABULOUS NOW is a program in which I am currently enrolled and participating with Sandy Grason who usually charges a substantial fee for her coaching and courses. She is doing a very special, relatively inexpensive, transformative five week program all about how to Live Fabulous Now, being all you can be right now! Being authentic and living full out as we enter the New Year 2009.

Though the class has already started, you can still catch up with the MP3s. There are no classes next week, so getting up to date will be easier. I'm already feeling the impact in how I'm managing my tasks and staying more focused on my priorities. Sandy is giving us small easy to use tools in many areas of our lives.

Delightfully high in energy Sandy also emphasizes intentional CELEBRATION, something that will be a major breakthrough for me. For more information and to enroll, LIVE FABULOUS NOW


For the Artists among you - smARTist 2009 telesummit is coming up in January. This is the third year I will be attending and I am excited. You can listen to the recording of the panel of 11 experts sharing some of what they will be speaking about. There is also a recording of Ariane Goodwin interviewing Allyson Stanfield on the 10 Qualities needed to promote your art as well as market it. You can also register to hear Mari Smith speak on how to use Facebook to "ramp up your art career". Go to PRE-EVENTS.


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If posting on a blog is not your style, please continue to send your comments directly to me. Learning what you are experiencing means a lot. It is part of the reward, for me, of publishing Picture to Ponder.

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