June 6 , 2006
Volume 2 - Number 52

pool ladder under water

view of the ladder underwater at the deep end of our community pool.

I've taken many interesting pictures in the past week and somehow it seemed fitting today to simply
hang out and relax with this particular image.

Although I say "relax", I moved from simply "being" with the photo and tension release and wandered into a whole new venture, for me. Using the above photo as a "canvas" for words, I actually wrote on a print-out of it.

For the ART of it, see LADDER PHOTO/WRITING and for the WORDS in it, see the PICTURE PONDERING BLOG.

The point in sharing this here is that yesterday I was in one of those "can't- get-started" states. Then using the "get-into-action, one-step-at-a-time" method I began working on Picture to Ponder and the featured photo.

The writing on the photo was edvidently influenced by a conversation earlier in the day with a "math major graduate" who emphatically stated that she does NOT like writing. I started extolling the helpfulness of free flow writing and then this opportunity arose, resulting in something new for me. The photo certainly lent itself to "flow."

When you're faced with the blocks of not being able to motivate yourself , what action, or actions, do you take? And, as importantly, how do you reinforce it for yourself so that you remember to put those actions in place?

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