March 10, 2006
Volume 2 - Number 25

feral parrot in tree in Buttonwood Park, Lake Worth, FL

feral parrot in Buttonwood Park in Lake Worth, FL

We first saw these tiny parrots flitting about when we were at a picnic last year in Buttonwood Park. Given this is a very open, small recreational park, rather than a special nature center, it was especially fun for me to see. I stopped by there the other day and was delighted to see these little green parrots, once again, building nests in several trees and flying off into the local neighborhoods adjoining the park.

The nests are quite different from those with which we are normally accustomed. They have front and side entrances rather than the top where we usually see birds nesting. They are also quite large. See NEST. Also, to get a better idea of how small these birds actually are check out PALM TREE with parrot.

In addition to the parrot itself, among the things I'm enjoying when I look at today's photo, are the unidentified curly wisps that, for me, add a lyrical feeling to the whole picture.


What experiences do you recall that bring a smile to your face when you think of them? Is it possible to take some time to revisit them, make new discoveries and expand on your delight?

If you cannot actually physically do this, I invite you to do some writing, collaging, painting or other art form. Or, you may simply share the experience in conversation with another and see what new might develop for you.

Have fun.


red bromeliad on a tile in a frame
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Issue 209 of Picture to Ponder
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