November 18, 2009
Volume 5 - issue 42

Today's Picture to Ponder writing will really be brief. Each issue seems to take a few hours and then I wonder why. So today I am going to practice brevity and allow most of the pondering and querying up to you.

I started searching past issues for "reflections" and then moved on to more recent unpublished photos. The following three very, different images popped out at me.

reflections of fence in pool

A fence reflected in a swimming pool,
Striped like a tiger or
Bars like a jail? Caging us in or
Keeping us out?

Yet the soft rhythm of the water -
And the lines...
The curve of the bottom/top of the fence
Looping and sharp, then solid,
Establishing direction

All balance into the imperfect
Perfection of life.

stringy leaves from palm tree

More vertical lines
Some very direct.
Contrasted with the water lines
These seem to make a wall,
Almost impenetrable.

Yet there are small openings and
The opportunity to marvel at Nature
Braiding the palm leaves as they
Hang toward the end of their life.

palm leaves clumped on ground

When life complete,
Dropped on the ground,
Wrapped in yet another way.

Self-Reflecting Queries -
I am not sure why I selected these photos today. Or, perhaps the question is, "Why did they select themselves to be the featured ones?"

I invite you to be with them and pay attention to whatever your responses are. Should it be to shrug off today's photos, I suggest you query why. Are there other places in your life where you might have a similar response? If so, does this serve you?

I'm finding it interesting, that I am making the assumption that you may find the photos uninspiring... not worthy... and whatever other negative thoughts/judgments you might make. I can certainly track these feelings to other areas of my life. Do they forward me? No! What about you?

For me, in part, it is the intrigue in these photographs that capture my attention and the linear flow of the imagery.

Lastly, as I was "wrapping up" here, I glanced once more at the photographs and in each I found some humor. Once again there is another level of "story" I can make up.

What about you? Are you creating any stories pursuant to these photos? Do they support you?

If you've seen or created some stories, I'd love for you to share them on the blog.

As always, have fun with this.
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