March 23 , 2007
Volume 3 - Number 22

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to me speak briefly about it

oxidized wall at waterfall in Viscaya

at waterfall wall in Viscaya

waterfal at Viscaya Museum in Miami

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photo
Waterfall Walls colored by Nature over time in the garden at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida

It's the "scene" in the first photograph above that first attracted me. I was immediately drawn to the colors in the wall when I glanced over and saw them. The horizontal gray bars in the upper left provide a great and subtle contrast to the diagonals and colors elsewhere in the layout.

I include the second and third photos mainly to give you the fuller picture of what I photographed. I especially like the contrasting textures in the middle picture.

Self-Reflecting Queries
I was thrilled last night as my friend who was with us and I ran a slide show of all the fountain and waterfall walls I had taken. They were amazingly beautiful and my friend kept saying, "You must have done something to the pictures. I did not see any of these colors."

I actually had done nothing other than focus and shoot with my digital camera. I'm not even sure if the colors came out very differently from what was there. What I do know is that I photographed what was exciting me.

Thinking about the process I began to have a somewhat better understanding of what may be happening for those people who appreciate and speak so highly of my photography.

When I aim my camera, I am not
focused on getting great pictures as such. I am simply recording what I am seeing and feeling without any specific intention. In so doing, I'm thinking, that expression is what comes across to so many of you.

This leads to the query, "Are there places in your life where you are so focused on getting a point, or point of view, across in a specific way that you may be losing the underlying passion that was the cause for it in the first place?"

If this triggers some recognition on your part, I invite you to go back to the component parts and recreate your expression, or message, from there.

I was discussing these thoughts and observations with another friend who said she is always seeing beautiful landscapes within which, in her mind's eye, she sees herself standing. Yet, she said, the photographs never come out the way she envisioned them.

I suggested that next time, she zoom in, focus on and then photograph all the individual pieces of the landscape that are drawing her in. Only after doing that, step back and photograph the whole from many angles.

Again, if anything I've posed here today resonates with you, I invite you to experiment in your own life.

Have fun with it.

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