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Shiva candle for Sam

Shown here for the readers of Picture to Ponder - Volume 3 - Issue 63, the flame at the end of Day 10 of the burning of the Shiva Candle for Sam Finkelstein.

This photograph shows you the glass which had been filled with wax, almost to the top. It was meant to last for seven days. Since the one we had lit for Sam in our home lasted for 10 days and several hours, I realized that this was his way of reminding me, and us, that his light will always be lit in our life and in our hearts.

I did ask our greatniece, Emily Losben, who will be ordained as a Rabbi in May 2008 what the meaning of the candle actually is, and why seven days.

She responded, having found the following:

"Since light is a symbol of the soul, as it is said in Proverbs 20:27 :
'The soul of man is the lamp of the Lord' and since the soul is attached to the body as the flame is to the wick- a candle is kept lit for the 7 days of Shivah."

From: Isaac Klein's - A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice

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