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Book 1 - Published and Ready for Purchase

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"I bought your eBook earlier today and not only is it well written, the pictures you chose are lovely. The reason I waited so long to purchase was because I'm trying to curb my addiction to books and the cutter they are causing.

This morning I read the 10 page preview, and since you were offering it in a eBook format, I just had to indulge one more time. I know this will be a very successful for you. Congratulations!"
Eva Macie, Artist

"The pictures in this charming book are simply beautiful. Sheila's self-reflecting queries invite and inspire you to reflect on the beauty in your own life. I highly recommend this book." Sondra Nash

"Your book [Pictures to Ponder: Inspired Journaling] came today and it is absolutely beautiful!!! My Daughter is going to love it for her Birthday. I am beyond pleased!! You did an absolutely superb job on it!! " Judith Tramayne, agoodread.com

The book includes

Twenty-two Full Color Photographs - 4.5" (approx) X 6'' each
the Self-Reflecting Queries that they inspired and
Spaces for Journaling

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The Photos

The Self-Reflecting Queries
for Pondering and/or Journaling
Inspired by the Photos


Taking Things for Granted
Being Open
Jealousy Identified and Transformed
Transforming Past Beliefs
People Pleasing Assumptions
Changing Points of View
Being Responsible When Speaking
Aspects of Ourselves
Internal Monologues Impede Progress
Being Fully Self-Expressed
Elements of Attraction
Comparing Obscures Clarity
Finding Repeated Patterns
A Story or Reality?
Macro Focusing
Perfectionism and Moving Forward

Claiming Your Own Responses

Responding to Others' Opinions
Small Investments, Large Rewards
Lighting Up Your Life

Choose one of 3 binding formats - Each with the same content
Saddle Stitch, Coil Bound, or downloadable eBoo

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