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Sheila Interviews Ina Ames
who speaks on how her seeing has been altered by her relationship with Sheila

orange hibiscus cropped Renee Kleckner
, who starts her day with Picture to Ponder, talks with Sheila in a brief interview.
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bird of paradise photo drawing Click on arrow to listen to Judith Tramayne-Barth speak on Picture to Ponder and Sheila's art

After our recording Judith wrote to say, "When I wanted to make an audio for Sheila, she made it really easy for me. She called me and set up a 3 way call so I could record how wonderful I think her ezine is and her artwork. I am sure she will do the same for you. And she didn't even mind the blooper I made about her art site name. (LOL)." Why not call in with yours? Email us for the phone #.


custom photo drawing of soldier on tile Check out the new 28 second message

from Sondra, who shares how a custom photo/drawing of her father, done by Sheila, provided the major breakthrough for her in being able to get past her many years of grief at his loss, so that she can now enjoy this and other photos of him.

Jeannie Fitzsimmons, Awakened Heart.com, shares her excitement with Audio Acrobat and how she plans to use it in her business. She also comments on Sheila's work

Here Jeannie shares her enthusiasm with Audio Acrobat, training, and women in the world. She also mentions her pleasure in offering products for liberation, freedom, success and happiness.



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