blurred photo of orange pod in Wakodahatchee - accidental art
(a photo taken in Wakodahatchee Wetlands. Untintentionally blurred, I loved what came out, when downloaded into my computer. Note the "family of faces" in the orange section in the upper left.)

“Creativity is an activity that invites abundance and flow into the world...It ripples out into energy that touches others with whom I will never interact. ”
Julie Jordan Scott,

In the article, “Your Creativity Treasure Chest” (no longer available online), Julie Jordan Scott gives numerous ideas for capturing our creative thoughts and ideas and spurring them on through using a treasure chest of art materials.

Okay. So where do these ideas come from? Some can come from the use of the materials themselves.

In her article, Julie states, “If you are unsure how to stir up your creative juices, try techniques and art forms to see which fits the best in your life.” Julie moves through painting, and sometimes movement, into writing.

For me, I am becoming very much aware of how the flow of my creative juices turn out "ACCIDENTAL" ART. Ideas can come from thoughts in our heads; TV; conversations we’re in; conversations we overhear; and visual stimuli.

Suggestion for Maximizing Visual Stimuli

Take a camera for a walk. If you don’t have a camera create a small viewfinder. Cut out a 1” x 1 1/2 “ opening in a piece of paper or 3” X 5” card.

Now hold the camera, or your “viewfinder”, and start slowly looking around. Note what patterns, colors, textures you see. If something catches your eye, PAY ATTENTION .

If you are using a camera, snap the picture. Digital cameras are fun in that you can keep snapping without regard to cost.

If you are using a *viewfinder* jot down quick notes. If there are other people close by start a conversation. Share what you see. It may lead to expanding ideas.

*Accidental* Businesses

My business,, was started out of such a conversation. I was on a nature walk, talking with a friend on my cell phone, describing what I was seeing. One thing led to another, to another AND a new business resulted! came out of another happy accident. I had just purchased a color printer and a scanner and had brought a couple of prints to a meeting. I started doodling on one of the prints. Out of what I discovered from that, a whole new art form, and business, evolved.

Your Creations
Take a few minutes today to pause and look around you in new ways. What do you notice that you haven’t seen before? I invite you also to see what opens up in other areas of your life out of paying attention - noticing.

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